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Do you like camping?

Me... not so much. 

I have family and friends that go camping every chance they get. They pack their campers with tents, snacks, firewood, bug spray, and they head to the great outdoors for fun.

I'm more an indoor person. In the winter, I like to curl up with coffee and a good book or in front of the tv and just veg out. In the summer, I like to curl up with iced coffee and a good book or in front of the tv and veg out with the air on as cool as I can get it. Yes, I know I miss things going on outside. Yes, I know that God's greatest miracles are just within reach when you head to the mountains or the beach.

I just don't camp.

Beach condo?Yes.

Mountain cabin?Absolutely.

Camper (or worse a tent) with no running water, no air conditioning, no heat? No. Thank. You.

A friend of mine organizes a camping excursion every year called Vintage Inn Campers.

Her camper, Happy Jack, actually has an air conditioner. Nice.

They all go with their Scotty Campers and travel trailers and have the best time. Cookouts, fellowship, etc. Sounds like so much fun.

Here's an excerpt from her blog.

  • Growing up my mom and dad were always restoring something, a chair, a table or an old bed or dresser. I remember watching my dad brush the stripping compound on and then waiting a few minutes before he took an old putty knife and scrapped it across the item, and miraculously seeing all the old gunk gone and the new appear. I guess that’s where my love for restoring things came from… my childhood. So, through the years, my love grew for anything vintage…collecting old post cards, vintage clothing, hats and baby plates became a hobby and as my husband would say… a lotta stuff…junk to him but treasures to me!
  •  Long before I was even thought of, my parents took my four siblings out west for nine weeks. They explored every national park along the way in a little tiny camper. My dad loved history and this was the trip of a lifetime for him…exploring the USA and some of  it’s most historical places. He often referred to this trip as “some of the happiest days” of his life. In his later years, when my kids were small, I tried to get him to relive that trip with me (since I missed out on the memory making) but he was adamant that he was “too old”. I tell you all this to tell you how I got into camper restoration. A little inheritance cash and a longing for a tiny camper to make some life long memories in, added to a love to make all things new again, is how “Happy Jack” came to be. 

If this is something you like to do, that's awesome! Check out Leslee's blog, Vintage Inn Campers, and see what else she's up to.

Now, I have to admit. Camping wouldn't be so bad if I could camp like this. 

Curbed Website

StoryV Travel Blog


Yes. Now that....I COULD do that.

Whether you're into Tents, RV's, Scotty Campers, 5th Wheel Trailers, Folding & Tent Trailers, it's a good idea to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. God really did create a beautiful world...we just need to get outside and see it.

Ok...for me it will be Spring and Fall. But I'll go. Promise.

nakikita mo! (see ya!)


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  1. Beverly
    February 17, 2018 / 4:33 pm

    I am a camper.. tent camper on an air mattress at age 53! BUT I also enjoy nice places as well.. hotels with indoor pools .. or cabins ..Recently a place called Deer Camp near Fall Creek Falls caught my attention. It is actually an Air B and B .. might wanna check it out also.

    • Tracie Mallari
      February 17, 2018 / 5:17 pm

      Beverly, that sounds like a potential blog post! 😀

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