50 After 50: Oh, the Places We Will Go!

Plan to Discover


Possibly I missed my calling in life. Ideas -- they never stop. Plans -- let's make them. Places -- why not discover them? Maybe I should have been an activities director. Or maybe this new phase of life, empty nest -- causes me to want to live intentionally. To enjoy my health, our marriage, the possibilities and provision of filling our mind with memories. So thankful for jobs that allow us time off. My 85 year old aunt and her husband spent many years traveling... 'filling memory books" as she recalls to me. Her advice -- "GO while you can..." and when you're not able to go, you can remember.

Hop America

Starting with March and ending in October we plan at least one long weekend a month, and also one long "official" vacation week. Each month when my paycheck arrives, a chunk goes into the 'travel fund'. Plans range from less expensive weekend tent camping trips to flying out west for eight days. Command central is our desktop computer with a bulletin board on the wall that holds ideas... maps... and even some pretty pictures torn from a magazine.

trip advisor

So, travel along with us thru our 2017 months of exploring. With plans from Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia to the Colorado Rocky Mountains in Estes Park, we look forward to some beautiful views. Reservations for Middle Tennessee State Parks that are familiar to us and places we have only heard of. Our hiking shoes will reach the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Trail in the same summer. Tent camping plans for Cosby in the Great Smoky Mountains, a hotel reservation near Cumberland Gap National History Park, tent site reservation for Defeated Creek.. Roan Mountain..Standing Stone.. and hopefully Bandy Creek near Big South Fork.

Oh the places we will go.. and the beauty to behold.  Won't you join us?


About Beverly Alice

Beverly Alice is celebrating her 50’s and the newness of an empty nest with a reach forward attitude of adventure. After raising two sons, she and her husband are on a quest of discovery, hope, anticipation and look for opportunities to enjoy new places together. Adventure is an attitude, no matter where you are. Beverly is working on her own blog at He Is Still Working On Me…. https://heisstillworkingonme.wordpress.com/.