Kidney Interrupted – Mutant? Maybe…..

Time marched on…more infections, more antibiotics, more life. I read everything… View Post

Kidney Interrupted – Be the Reason

This is a wonderful way to make a fellow human… View Post

I’m Dead, Now What?

Sure. This could be a less than exciting, even depressing,… View Post

Kidney Interrupted – Wait…what???

Staring wide-eyed at each other in sheer shock, standing in… View Post

50 After 50 – Roane Mountain State Park

July. It was a simple discovery after adding creamer to… View Post

Kidney Interrupted – The Reason

ESRD. End Stage Renal Disease. Sounds ominous, even final. How… View Post

Wednesday Words

Kidney Interrupted – What Do You Think?

Anybody Else a Horror Fan?

I LOVE A SCARY STORY. Seriously. It started in 1980… View Post

Kidney Interrupted – An Invitation

It’s an odd experience when you think you’re having the… View Post


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